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Urban Heat Management Plan for Louisville Metro

The urban heat island effect in Louisville, KY, has increased more rapidly than any other US city since the 1960's, and how the region grows and develops could be driving that excessive heat. We are developing a comprehensive heat management assessment and plan for the Louisville metropolitan area to safeguard the public's health from elevated temperatures. We plan to map the spatial extent and structure of the Louisville Metro's heat island, model the effectiveness of specific management strategies, including extensive tree planting, and develop a heat management plan to coordinate policies across metro agencies charged with land use and sustainability planning. The project tasks of land cover assessment, surface temperature estimation (hot spot mapping), heat modeling scenario development, air temperature estimation, and population vulnerability assessment, constitute the heat management plan. The resulting plan will be the first urban heat adaptation plan developed for a major US city.

Dr. Brian Stone, Dr. Ted Russell, Dr. BumSeok Chun, Dr. Jason Vargo, Dr. Marcus Trail, Kevin Lanza

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